Must Have Mountain Biking Gear

Are you new to mountain biking and recently purchased a new bike and are ready to go on an adventure? Well, before you do so, there’s certain gear that you must have if you want to get into the sport properly. You’ll enjoy mountain biking much more if you own the proper gear and accessories needed for a safe ride. Also, having new and cool gear while out riding can make a rider more confident and allows you to perform well. Take a look below to find out the mountain biking gear that you must have.

Biking Gear
Biking Gear

Protective Helmet

A helmet is a must have when riding any type of bike, but especially a mountain bike. If you fall while riding a mountain bike without a helmet, you could end up with a life-threatening brain injury because of the impact. It is crucial that you find a protective helmet that fits like a glove. You don’t want a helmet that is too loose on your head. If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, it can’t protect your head. Well-ventilated helmets are also important because they can keep you cool while riding, as sweat can build up fast on your forehead. When choosing a helmet, it really all comes down to what style of mountain biking you’re going to be participating in. The styles that are rougher and that require you to be more technical will require more coverage than simple trail riding.

Protective Glasses

When choosing protective glasses, it is important that your glasses fit properly. You also want your glasses to completely cover your eyes and fit snug. You need glasses that are comfortable to wear since you may be out riding for hours at a time. Also, contrast is very important as well. Greater contrast will allow you to see things more clearly and you always need to see your best when out mountain biking because of obstacles that may be in your way.

Riding Gloves

Gloves are a must when out mountain biking to protect your hands in case of a hard fall. You want gloves that are super comfortable and that have a great fit. Since grips are padded on mountain bikes, having padded gloves is optional. However, for longer rides, you more than likely will appreciate gloves with padding. Having breathable gloves is another thing you want to consider. The last thing you want is sweaty palms while out trying to maneuver your bike. Other things to consider is how easy the gloves are to take on and off, touchscreen compatibility, and there are also several types of gloves that are windproof.

Riding Shorts/Pants

When choosing what kind of shorts, you want to wear while riding, you need to focus on padded crotch liner, which minimizes rubbing and moisture. A good pair of riding shorts or pants with padding can eliminate rashes and getting saddle sores. Depending on what style of mountain biking you’re partaking in, you can wear baggy shorts, however, for cross country biking, you may want to consider tighter shorts.

Good biking shoes are so important!
Good biking shoes are so important!


When out on your mountain bike, your feet are worked the most, so having the proper footwear is so important. Well ventilated, water resistant shoes are crucial when out on the trails. If you plan on doing a lot of walking while biking, shoes with rubber grips are ideal. Stiff, cross-country shoes were designed for heavy pedaling and can make it more difficult to walk. Other important things to consider when choosing footwear is comfortability, temperature regulation, and shoes that are lightweight. Also, if you can’t find water-resistant shoes, consider purchasing some good shoe covers.