Different Types of Mountain Bikes

All mountain bikes weren’t created equal, as they all were not designed specifically for biking up and down mountains. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who purchases a mountain bike intends to use it for riding deep in the trenches. Since mountain bikes are put through much more than your basic bicycle, they are some of the most versatile bikes out on the market. Mountain bikes are used for a variety of reasons such as trail riding in the country, going long distances on paved road, as well as hiking up and down mountains. Since these bikes are multi-purposeful, it is important to know the uses of each one. Here is a list of the different types of mountain bikes to choose from.

Mountain Bikes


Trail bikes are what most people think of when they hear mountain biking and trail bikes are the most popular types of mountain bikes. If you’re wanting to hit the trails with friends or just bike through your local park, this is going to be the bike for you. These bikes are great climbers and can ride anything. Thes full-suspension bikes are able to ride uphill, just as well as downhill.

All Mountain / Enduro

All-mountain bikes, bikes designed for going downhill, are not easy to categorize. Although, they were made for doing down, they are still light enough to pedal up a steep hill. These full-suspension bikes are meant for technical terrain and rough riding. They are very similar to trail bikes and were designed for riding downward as fast as possible. An all-mountain bike is ideal for someone who doesn’t mind pedaling up, but if you want to skip pedaling and do some riding on pavement, that’s okay too.


Cross Country

Compared to the rest of the mountain bike types, these bikes have the most in common with road bikes. Cross Country bikes, the lightest type of mountain bike of them all, have the largest wheel size, and were built for riders who heavily rely on pedal performance. Because the wheels are so huge, they help with obstacles along the way. Cross Country bikes are super reliable and are able to take you places other bikes can’t. If climbing, the need for an adventure, and a longer ride is what you’re craving, then you most likely need a Cross Country bike.

Downhill / Freeride

Downhill bikes are big and were built specifically for bid drops and jumps, making it a must that riders wear helmets and protective gear. These bikes are no joke and were created for navigating and controlling downhill descends. In comparison to other bikes, downhill bikes are harder to move around. When riding downhill, all obstacles are faced with great speed, so you must have control over your bike. These bikes aren’t made to go any other direction but down, so you’re never going to ride uphill. Riders often push these bikes up mountains so that they can get to the top and scurry down.